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Blueberry Information


A basket of Sudbury wild blueberries pictured in front of the blue waters of one of Sudbury's more than 350 Lakes.

The blueberry has been described as nature's most perfect food in study after study and one of the most recent is shown below:   

Wild Blueberries -  Blueberries Voted 'Best Fruit' - SELF magazine asked a panel of nutritional experts - including Dr. Andrew Weil, author of Eating Well for Optimum Health, Sharon Tyler Herbst, author of The Food Lover's Companion, and 34 members of the American Dietetic Association, to come up with a "dream team" of super foods that would give them "more energy for fewer calories - and a body built to last,"

Despite stiff competition from the likes of the kiwi, cranberry, orange and cantaloupe, blueberries were voted "best fruit" by the survey respondents.

While all blueberries have high antioxidant capacity and anti-inflammatory properties, new research shows that Wild blueberries are even higher in antioxidants than Cultivated varieties.

The article cited the blueberry's high level of anthocyanin, a potent antioxidant concentrated in the berry's blue pigments. The article also quoted Joanne Shearer, R.D., a dietician at Heart Hospital of South Dakota, who said blueberries also "contain phytonutrients like lutein and fiber, which reduce the risk of diabetes and circulatory problems."

The article also touted the high nutritional value of frozen blueberries, which according to the FDA are just as healthy as fresh, and may even hold their nutritional value longer.

While almost all blueberries in the Sudbury area are picked by hand there is a huge industry harvesting blueberries in great quantities for consumers world wide.  The video below provides some insights.
















Besides being good for you - wild blueberries are 'free for the picking" throughout Greater Sudbury. 

Natural lowbush blueberries are everywhere.  These are being picked in Bell Park on the shores of Lake Ramsey only minutes from downtown Sudbury.  Favorite picking spots can be easily identified by cars parked along the side of the road throughout Greater Sudbury.

A view from the gazebo at the top of Blueberry Hill where some of the best blueberries in Sudbury are found - take the trail up the hill from the parking lot of the Carmichael Arena on Bancroft Drive, one kilometer south of the Kingsway.

For an in-depth study of the Sudbury Blueberry in good years and bad by Joe D. Shorthouse, Professsor Emeritus in the Dept. of Biology at Laurentian University click here


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Morning, noon or night, delicious  blueberries can be part of your diet anytime of the year.


In the morning, start off your day with your favorite cereal and blueberries (some people like more blueberries than cereal, which is even healthier).  Below you can treat yourself with everyone's favorite hot blueberry pie with ice cream - yum, yum and yum....

.Blueberries can be found even in pizza, a blueberry main meal pizza and a blueberry dessert pizza.  Of course blueberry pancakes are served throughout the Festival, and you might even get to sip a glass of blueberry wine.

Blueberry Wine: 

A number of wineries produce blueberry wine (of course you can make it yourself) and some can be purchased at your local LCBO.  One of the finest blueberry wines (made from our own local blueberries) is the "Johnston's Cranberry March Muskoka Lakes Winery" in Bala.  They also make an excellent (our favorite) blueberry and cranberry combination wine. You can visit their web site at www.cranberry.ca.