Painting: The Winners are listed below - congratulations

Title (Blue Lady) Kimberly Wagg

Title (Blueberry Cup) Monique Legault

Title: (Blueberry Branch) Oakley Foers

Blueberry Dreamer Abigail Bellsmith

Painted Blue Jems: Sandi Hughes 

Burst of Blueberries - Sandi Hughes

Blue Flower Arrangement Brigitte Labby

Blueberry Kid - Maeva Traynor  

Blueberry Goddess Kaarina Lee  

Moonlight Blue Lake - Ashley Felling 

Blueberry Painting Frame Judy Hywarren  

Blueberry Bounty- Sue Lampinen

Into the Blue - Sue Lampinen

BlueJay and Blueberries Austin Kurtis

So Blue - Cat Brown

Blueberry Chippie - Brigitte Thompson

A Blueberry Night - Emma and Kayly Rainville